Apartment Cleaning Services In Montreal, QC

Are you looking for professionals to deliver apartment cleaning services in Montreal? If so, we at Maid Montreal Cleaning have got you covered. Our professional cleaning staff have been serving the cleaning needs of the people of Montreal for years, and have proven to be quite dependable. Whether it is your condo, your apartment, or a house that you own, Maid Montreal Cleaning is all you need to get rid of all that dirt and dust.

Get Your Apartment/Condo Cleaned By Our Professionals,

Cannot take time off work to clean your apartment and condo? Worry not, we are here to help. We understand your issues and hence, offer our professional apartment and condo cleaning services in Montreal. Keep your home safe and healthy and raise a happy and healthy family. With our cleaners in action, we assure you that not a single surface will be left with dust on it.

Montreal apartment cleaning services

At Maid Montreal Cleaning we deliver apartment cleaning services in Montreal along with every other cleaning service that the people demand. Our apartment cleaning services are affordable and the most reliable option for people who are busy working most of the time. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable apartment cleaning service in Montreal, contact us right away.

Flexible hours and Dependable Service

If you have hired our professional cleaning services to do the cleaning for you, you can always count on us. If you are not going to be available at home during the appointed hour, you are free to change the timings as per your convenience. Our cleaning services offer flexible hours thus making us one of the most dependable cleaning service providers in Montreal.

Additional Services

Along with apartment cleaning in Montreal, Maid Montreal Cleaning also delivers a wide range of other cleaning services to its clients. Some of the additional services that we offer include

  • Carports and Garage cleaning services
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Garbage clearing
  • Elevator and escalator cleaning services
  • Sanitization of the property
  • Sidewalks and stairwell cleaning

To know more about our add-ons, contact us today.

Montreal apartment cleaning services

Want to feel like you’re on a weekend getaway while you enter into an impeccable room and are greeted with a chocolate mint on your pillow? Be it for your house, condo or apartment, when you use our apartment cleaning Montreal services, you’ll feel like you’re staying at a swanky hotel.  When the door knocks, you’ll know that housekeeping has arrived. Maid Montreal cleaning can show up at your place as needed to relieve you of your mundane house chores. We treat you like royalty with our ‘’maid’’-like services and ensure that your house looks spotless so that you can do the things you’d much rather do.  From greasy backsplashes, milk spills in the fridge to charred bread crumbs in your toaster, you dirty it – we’ll clean it. Yes, we do toilet bowls, bathtubs, shower stalls, and mirrors. We’ll even retrieve long-lost items from behind your desk, sweep out dust bunnies from under your bed and wipe away that layer of dust slowly accumulating on your window sill. Just tell us what you need and we’ll be sure to take care of it. Our Maids have the smarts and the know-how to anticipate your housekeeping needs.

Flexible hours and Dependable Service

You have a lot on your plate and your time is valuable. We are here on the day, afternoon, and night shift to help you achieve the results you want and you can trust us that we will get the job done at the best quality. When is the best time for us to come and clean depends on your needs? Day or night we are here to serve you.   We can set up weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly cleaning appointments. We are here to take one of life’s stresses off your shoulders. Our service will allow you the time to do all of the other important things you have in life. Let us worry about your cleaning!

Additional Services

We offer additional specialized cleaning services to help you take extra care of your apartment or condo so that you can focus on the other important things you have in your life. Here are some of the extra services we offer:

Carpet Cleaning

Carports or Garages

Trash pickup

Elevators cleaning and sanitizing Surface

cleaning and sanitizing Sidewalks and Stairwells

Contact us for the whole list of our add-ons.

These additional services help give you a full cleaning experience unlike any other. We help you relax by meeting all of your needs with our extensive set of options that fit your life. From the inside to the outside of your home, we take care of it all with environmentally safe products and in a professional manner

Property Value

We want your property value to be as high as possible. We work with you to maintain your area and keep it fresh and new to ensure that your property is at its best value!

You deserve the best service possible

You set your standards high and so do we. Our goal is to have happy satisfied customers that keep coming back and we achieve that by, working around you, having the best staff, the best products, and with competitive prices. You are our top priority!   We have a highly trained and professional staff ready to help you reach your goals of cleanliness. We understand that life is busy and you do not simply have the time to clean every day. Let us help you maintain your housekeeping and elevate you from this stress. Free yourself and spend more time doing the things you love.  Call us today and set up your cleaning plan with the best cleaning service around!

Why choose Montreal cleaning services?

We are committed to respecting your home to make it a better place in which to live

  • Our Customers Are Our Priority

    We make sure you like our job, we invite you to review with our cleaning lady and professional staff your specific needs. 

  • Commitment to Quality

    We are available all days, 7 days a week to always provide the highest standards in the industry and this is our mission. 

  • Customized Needs

    If you have one room or a big space, we will cater to your needs and make sure you are happy with us. 

  • Backed Up 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

    It’s simple, we are so sure that we will deliver the best cleaning service that we back it up with a 100% satisfaction. 

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